M38A1 + trailer

About the NEKAF Jeep

Nekaf Jeep M38A1

* Including trailer
* Recent major maintenance of approximately €2500,-
* Very good condition
* Former Dutch army Jeep

After World War II, the Royal Army initially used jeeps from American dump supplies. In the early 1950s, the Ministry of War was looking for a successor. DAF developed the DAF YA-054 all-terrain vehicle, which, however, was considered too expensive. The story of the Nekaf Jeep M38A1 began in 1955, when the Dutch armed forces were looking for a versatile and robust off-road vehicle. The choice fell on the Willys M38A1, an icon of American origin. But the Netherlands gave it its own twist, using parts from local suppliers and modifications to comply with Dutch traffic laws, such as adding turn signals. The total order was 4,000 units.

Production began in 1955 under the name "Nederlandsche Kiser-Frazer" (Nekaf). Where initially 55 units per week rolled off the assembly line. Later, Kemper & Van Twist took over assembly and produced another small series. A total of about 7,500 of these Nekaf Jeeps were produced. In 1962, the Nekaf Jeep was succeeded by the DKW Munga, but it could not match the performance and reliability of the Nekaf. The result? The already stockpiled Nekaf Jeeps had to be used again starting in 1970 and again proved their worth. In the late 1970s, they were finally replaced by Land Rovers and stored again. In 1996, the Nekaf Jeep went out of service for good, ending an era of Dutch military history.

This Nekaf Jeep M38A1 has recently undergone a thorough €2,500 maintenance, with no expense spared to ensure it is in top condition. Recently fitted with two new NATO tires, replacement of brake linings, wheel brake cylinders and master cylinder, tension regulator, multirbelt, brake hoses and brake lines. In short, this Nekaf Jeep drives perfectly and is technically in very good condition.

This Nekaf Jeep M38A1 and trailer comes with the original technical manuals of the Dutch Army. A valuable collector's item for lovers of military history!


Mileage 79.533 km
Year 1956
Color Blue
Transmission Manual
Fuel Gasoline
Body style Terreinwagen
VAT/Margin margin
License plate AE-60-44
Number of gears 3
Number of cylinders 4
Cylinder contents 2200cc
Weight 1.210 kg
Towing weight 907 kg

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